Slang: Devastation in the Void

Devastation in the Void

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Monday, October 27, 2014

It's been about a month since I did a review on the band called Sl(a)ng, or Slang, with their album called, "Glory Outshines Doom". Since then I've gotten their newest album, "Devastation in the Void" to review and like that first album I listened to, I still don't understand anything being sung on the album. I will give the band some credit for putting all but one of the song titles in English, so I at least know what the songs are called. Beyond that, the songs are still being sung in Japanese, which you might think is the reason why I don't understand the lyrics, which that is in a huge part why I don't, but I'm betting that even if the lyrics where in English, I still wouldn't understand them. Now if you are thinking that this is a bad mark on the band, it's not, it might have been if they where playing some 50's Be-Bop music, but considering that this album is a punk/hardcore metal album it should be hard to understand.
So once again I have a review where I have to leave out trying to understand what the songs are about and go off my feelings I get from the songs. Those feelings would be, aaaagggghhhhh raaahhhhhh aagghrahhgghh!!!!!!! Yep, that's a good version of the vibe I got from listening to this. If you are a punk/hardcore music fan, then you get what I mean by that, but if you're not one but you just want to know what my thoughts are on this album I will define that vibe for you. It's simple really, those three "words" are the energy and intensity that comes out of these songs. They are exactly what they should be for a punk/hardcore album, loud, fast, intense, really loud, and a whole ton load of screaming vocals that make the lyrics incoherent. Yeah, I know the lyrics are in Japanese, yeah if you are like me and can't understand Japanese, that don't matter, because like that one universal word that starts with an "L" and ends in "ove", this albums energy and essence is one of power that's can be clearly understood universal as well.
These are some intense songs, so if you have a headache or at work where you need to have some low playing songs, this is not the album for you. Now if you want to have instant energy as your body pumps out the adrenaline or you want to wake up that guy in the booth next to you who is snoring, then you better be playing "Devastation in the Void". What an aptly named album this is because listening to the raw power and energy getting pumped out with these songs does destroy any silence, or normal levels of sound in the area. Which for me was a good thing because I really enjoy these kinds of songs, especially when I do need that quick pick me up. Which when I first listened to this album I really did need it because I had no sleep the night before, had to get up early, so I was feeling a bit on the sluggish side. Then I listened to this album and bam, a punch in the gut, the explosion in my ears, it set me off and had me wide awake. The vocals, though I can't understand the meaning, they are decent, though I would imagine being able to sing in such loud and volume levels while in Japanese can't be easy and to do it so well is even more impressive. Instrumentals are just as powerful and almost need to be more so because of the lack of understandable lyrics. These songs are fast and fun, they are also loud, but the most important word to take out of that is they are fun.

Lee Roberts
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