Slowriter: King of the Void

King of the Void

Release Date: 
Monday, October 27, 2014

Slowriter's latest album, "King of the Void," is a dark, yet playful mix of strong pop songwriting touched with hip-hop beats and a haze of electronica.

The craftsmanship on display here, particularly in the clean, sharp production throughout, is heartening - Bryan Taylor, the musician behind Slowriter, deserves tremendous credit for creating an album that should satisfy his current fans, and perhaps create some new ones.

No, it isn't an album that everyone's going to love - you're not likely to hear any of its cuts on the radio - but that's kind of a shame, because there are some absolutely terrific songs here that demand to be played and replayed. The title track, for example, has a haunting melody and Taylor's lyrics pair elegantly with it. "Wait for the Day," with its distorted whir and pulsing beat takes listeners on an angry and thrilling ride. And the album's closing cut, "Eternity," is darkly dreamy, with a great catchy hook of a chorus.

Taylor's vocals are confidently performed, if occasionally overshadowed by elements of his production. "Automation," to this listener's ears, might be the song that would have benefited the most from dialing back a little in the studio.

But I have to say that "King of the Void" is an excellent album, one that deserves a listen by those willing to be a little adventurous.

Review by Jeremy Blomstedt