Solitary Man

Solitary Man

In Theatres: 
Jun 18, 2010
Running Time: 
90 minutes

Michael Douglas easily carries the film and any fan of his would be crazy to miss this one.

Ben Kalmen (Michael Douglas) had it all. He had a successful career, wealth, and a loving family. Then it all disappeared one day when he was caught scamming people at his car dealership. In an instant, he want from the talk of the town to the most hated man. From that point on, things just seemed to get worse and worse.

Ben attempts to get his life back on track but always manages to screw it up somehow, either by sleeping with the teenage daughter of his current girlfriend or hooking up with his the mother of his grandkid's friend. This is stuff you simply can't make up as ridiculous as it sounds. The man is a playboy, living the live of a college student despite being way past his prime.

Films like these tend to be about self-discovery and change. We see someone who is at rock bottom and then they bring themselves back up. While Ben attempts to do just that by getting a job from his only friend Jimmy (Danny DeVito), he can never seem to get himself to a better position. There's always something he does that sends him right back to where he started.

Douglas is the perfect man for the role. He is energetic and can pull off the cool dude look despite being well into his 60s. Even with all his flaws, you can't help but want a piece of the life that Ben Kalmen leads. The man is no doubt a smooth talker and can practically have whatever he wants; it's just that he fails to see the bigger picture of things and looses those close to him.

Solitary Man is a film about self-discovery and the look at one man's role in life. It's actually not quite as boring as you would imagine either. There always appears to be something going on screen to keep your attention. Sure, there are times where it gets somewhat ridiculous and Douglas' character can be be a little repetitive at times, but it's a decent drama. You might leave the theater a little angry (if you see the movie, you'll understand why) but after thinking about it, you'll come to understand. Michael Douglas easily carries the film and any fan of his would be crazy to miss this one.

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