Stone (BLU-RAY)


On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Running Time: 
141 minutes
Special Features

Making of Stone and Trailers

Jack Mabry (played by Robert De Niro) has only days to go before he can retire from his job as a parole officer. Though he is only days away from retiring he still performs his duty to the best of his ability even when he gets the case of Gerald “Stone” Creeson (played by Edward Norton) who was convicted of arson. Trying to convince Jack Mabry to let him out, Gerald, who likes to be called Stone, has his wife Lucetta (played by Milla Jovovich) to help him convince Jack to let him out. While Jack and Stone have their meetings and talks during the day to work out Stones possible release, Jack and Lucetta are meeting each other at night.

‘Stone’ is a film about the characters and how they develop around each other. This is not a film about action, what crime the character “Stone”, or even the affair that Lucetta and Jack have. All that matters and is focused on in ‘Stone’ is how these characters start to form a weird relationship with each other while trying to keep their darker sides from coming out. Jack is trying to keep his dirty deeds bottled up in himself, while “Stone is open about how he is a bad man, and Lucetta is happy to be this person that lets her dark side show.
I enjoyed this movie because it was about the characters and having Robert De Niro, Milla Jovovich, and Edward Norton in it allowed the movie to be even better. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a performance by Robert De Niro that is as good as he gives in ‘Stone’. Milla Jovovich as always can play the role of a woman that is on the brink of crazy really well, though it’s no surprise that she was picked for this role. Even Edward Norton gives a good performance as the character of “Stone”.  These actors bring to life these characters making them believable but at the same time I was not feeling any pity for any of them. These characters are not the ones you root for, they are not ones you want to see having a happy ending, but it’s almost like a train wreck, you want to look away but you can’t help but look.

Though the plot of ‘Stone’ is nothing that hasn’t been explored before in other films of this type, it is still intriguing to watch. This is because of the performances given by all the actors but it’s also because of other factors. One such is the musical score. Having the right music playing and having it play at the right moments can make or break a scene, which could be the scene that could hurt it. This also goes for knowing when not play any music, and here in ‘Stone’ there are moments that the silence makes the scene good. I was actually impressed by how well the musical score was placed in this film.
What is also done well in this movie is lighting and the coloring. All the scenes and people where nicely lit making the shots look nice and the colors are crisp. Though for being a Blu Ray, the sound on it was a little poor at times. There was a few times during the movie that I had to first turn the volume up but then minutes later I was having to turn it back down. But it didn’t happen enough that I didn’t enjoy watching it, but it would still have been nice to have not had to mess with the volume. I was disappointed with how for a Blu Ray there was only the trailers and a making of feature on the disc for the special features section.

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