Take Me Home Tonight (BLU-RAY)

Take Me Home Tonight

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Running Time: 
114 Minutes

Named for the classic 80s American rock song, Take Me Home Tonight takes you on a trip back to when impromptu dance battles were the norm and oversized shirts hanging off your shoulders were in style. Like many films of the time, it’s a coming of age comedy about Matt Franklin, a recent MIT grad who’s working at a video rental store and doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do in life.

Don’t be fooled; even though the setting is in the 80s Take Me Home Tonight has some fantastic visuals and the picture quality is just as crisp and solid as you could imagine. Back then, everything was flashy and colorful. The film is no different, and the Blu-ray really brings out the bright colors in it all. Perhaps the best thing about the film however is its music. As you can imagine, the soundtrack features some of the top hit songs from the 80s. There’s even an entire bonus feature dedicated to the music of the film. If you want to hear some great classic tunes, this is the film to watch.

- Deleted Scenes
- Cast Get-Together
- Music Boom Box
- Take Me Home Tonight Music Video
- Digital Copy

While there aren’t too many bonus features, they are all of pretty good quality. As I said earlier, the Music Boom Box is probably the best of the group with 12 songs from the soundtrack of the film. Even though Take Me Home Tonight wasn’t too well received in theaters, it’s actually a decent film. It’s definitely not the best out there but it’s a solid film with some classic attitude.

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