TCM Spotlight: Errol Flynn Adventures

TCM Spotlight: Errol Flynn Adventures

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010
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542 minutes

Errol Flynn was one of the most revered iconic actors in Hollywood during his rein but a mix of politics during war time and Flynn’s own off screen scandals threw most of these films into a tug of war of sorts that gives them a lot of history outside of the material. For the first time all 5 of these war time classics are put together for fans to re-live their splendor in a less clouded era and for new movie buffs to get a glimpse at what was.

Desperate Journey starts the set off. The film is about a crew aboard a bomber that is shot down over Nazi Germany and the crew must fight their way back to England. Not one of Flynn’s greatest performances. He’s a bit to quirky for me and his dialogue delivery is simply read. Former U.S. President Ronald Regan co-stars. Edge of Darkness is a gritty film with a dark undertone and that’s saying a lot considering the film is set in Nazi occupied Norway. The film was overshadowed in its release due to Flynn’s off screen scandal at the time but wow its simply an amazing film that’s well acted, well written, and excellently shot. Northern Pursuit is another film out of the collection that I thought was a little under acted by Flynn. Flynn plays a Canadian officer whose infiltrated a group of Nazi Saboteurs and pretends to guide them to their destination all the while doing all he can to stop them from reaching it. Its not terrible but it lacks the passion Flynn had in Edge of Darkness. Uncertain Glory is a suspenseful film abut a convicted killer (Flynn) whose sent to death but escapes on execution day only to be caught again. Meanwhile the resistance has blown a pivotal bridge and the Nazi’s have taken 100 prisoners vowing they will kill them all if the leader of the resistance does not step forward. Flynn in the meantime falls in love and with freedom before him struggles with the option of either running or stepping up to save the hostages, a choice that would cost him his life. Objective, Burma! This film when it first hit theaters was met with protest by the British because they claimed it glorified the American’s as the heroes of that particular campaign. It was yanked from foreign theaters for this. Regardless of the films history this is one of those fantastic war films that just keeps you on the edge of your seat and has been praised for its battlefield authenticity.

While its not a 100% fantastic collection like, say, Warner’s Gangsters boxed sets which seem to have only the best of that genre, it does offer up the films in one great and affordable package. Packaging is amazing as well. If you could see the inside case, a picture of Flynn and his crew in Desperate Journey split up into two sections that open up on a scene from Objective, Burma! where the DVD’s are held. Each DVD features cover shots and the rear sleeve mini theatrical posters and synopsis’ of each film. The complete features  can be found here (taken from Amazon):

Desperate Journey (1942)
Warner Night at the Movies 1942 Short Subjects Gallery: Vintage newsreel, Oscar-nominated patriotic short The Tanks Are Coming, musical shorts Borrah Minnevitch and His Harmonica School and The United States Army Air Force Band, classic cartoon The Dover Boys at Pimento University or The Rivals of Roquefort Hall, trailers of Desperate Journey and 1942's Murder in the Big House
Northern Pursuit (1943)
Warner Night at the Movies 1943 Short Subjects Gallery: Vintage newsreel, wartime short The Rear Gunner, musical short All-Star Melody Masters, drama short Over the Wall, classic cartoon Hop and Go, trailers of Northern Pursuit and 1943's The Constant Nymph
Edge of Darkness (1943)
Warner Night at the Movies 1943 Short Subjects Gallery: Vintage newsreel, musical short The United States Service Bands, classic cartoons Hiss and Make Up and To Duck... or Not to Duck, trailers of Edge of Darkness and 1943's The Hard Way
Uncertain Glory (1944)
Warner Night at the Movies 1944 Short Subjects Gallery: Vintage newsreel, musical short United States Coast Guard Band, classic cartoons Brother Brat and Russian Rhapsody, trailers of Uncertain Glory and 1944's The Mask of Dimitrios
Objective Burma! (1945)
Commentary by historians Rudy Behlmer, Jon Burlingame, and Frank Thompson
Warner Night at the Movies 1945 Short Subjects Gallery: Vintage newsreel, Joe McDoakes comedy short So You Think You're Allergic, classic cartoon A Tale of Two Mice, trailers of Objective Burma! and 1945's Pride of the Marines





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