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Tenchi Muyo! Universe

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Like most, Tenchi Muyo! was the first anime we’d ever seen on television, thanks to Cartoon Network. I’d come home off the graveyard shift, kick off my shoes, gab something to eat and flip on Tenchi. Even dead tired I’d be awake through the whole thing. It was hilarious, action packed, and the characters were awesome. It was a real change from watching stuff like Barefoot Gen or Akira, mostly serious anime stuff. In short, it made a fan out of me.

Since that day Tenchi has gone through many variations. There was Tenchi Muyo! GXP, Tenchi In Tokyo, Tenchi Universe, several spin-off shows, and subsequently a few movies following the end of Tenchi Universe. Some were great, possibly even better then the original OVA’s and some of them stunk. Either way the studio’s knew that the love for Tenchi from the shows ever growing fan base was reason to keep the show going. After all these years fans can finally get their Tenchi fix, by incarnation, all under one roof.

As you can imagine, the show looks and sounds a bit dated. It’s classic anime though so what are you going to do? In any case I think we’ve been spoiled by the massive amounts of anime series’ we’ve been exposed to here in the states. Like I said, in the 90’s our options were limited, these days, bringing anime to the states is big business and along with that comes superb voice casting, better animation (due in part to technology that didn’t exist back then), and more options as far as formatting picture and what not.

Tenchi comes at you in it’s original 4:3 format. I simply flipped my TV’s viewing options to 16x9 and lost those annoying gray bars on the side of the picture. To each their own. Despite the fact that the original voice cast sounds goofy, in both performance and audio quality, and a bit under performing in light of the Funimation voice cast I’m used to, I thought it made the show what it is. Considering Tenchi is supposed to be somewhat of a bumbling idiot around girls and he’s just inherited so many into his life. Matthew K. Miller did an excellent job here as did the rest of the cast, for their time.

Other then that you get all 26 episodes of the series along with the U.S. Trailer, Textless Songs, and trailers for other Funimation releases. I’m just surprised the set didn’t come in a limited edition box with space for the continuing saga. In any case this set was a tremendously enjoyable blast from the past that I’m going to treasure and I’m positive other fans will too. Enjoy.


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