Tesla Manaf: Tesla Manaf

Tesla Manaf

(Tesla Manaf)
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coming out of Indonesia is a jazz guitarist by the name of Manaf and if you think that his music is going to be strictly Indonesian you would be completely wrong. This young guitarist plays jazz with what is the most popular sound for jazz while also giving his own take on it. Manaf is not playing around with this music while at the same time he is playing around with testing the boundaries of what jazz should sound like. This is a true fusion jazz album that goes a little beyond even fusion jazz where it becomes an experimental jazz fusion jazz. Maybe that sounds a little like the same thing, but when you hear the music played on the album you will realize that Manaf does play some experimental jazz, that's jazz, and it's jazz fusion.
When the album's first track plays I wasn't expecting this jazz that gets played later on in the tracks. THat's because this first track opens with a female speaking, not sure what language she is speaking, it's a little sexy and funny at the same time. It's being back with the guitar of Manaf that matches the speed and flow of the female speaking so that when she speeds up so does the guitar. Though it's not jazz, it at first don't make sense why it's even on the album no less being the opening track for it, but it does make perfect sense when you have heard the whole album. This first odd, sexy, quick, and funny track sets the mood for the songs that are played on the album.
The rest of the albums songs matches the emotions of that first track, being a little bit odd at times, there's a sexy sound being played on some, while some tracks play quick and have quick tempos, but the main theme in it all is fun. So yes at first that first track is odd but at the end it's a perfect start for this album. I really did enjoy listening to it because there are fun well played songs on here. The horns are smooth, the guitar just flow and twangs at the right moments, and the snare drums are always a nice touch. However the best and most liked aspect to this album, for me that is, is how Manaf is not afraid to test and experiment with his music. He has talent, and it sounds like he uses that talent to try different ways for his music to be heard and played. Because he does that the album and songs never get old, boring, and never sound alike. It's refreshing, fun, witty, and odd album that has some catchy songs that are quirky and unique.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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