The Beast: The Complete First Season

The Beast

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009
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Charles Barker is a seasoned undercover F.B.I. agent and he has just taken on a partner Ellis Dove. Ellis learns that it will take a lot for Barker to trust him, and fights everyday to prove he can do this kind of work. As they pose as homeless, arms dealers, and drug lords Ellis witnesses Barker’s actions that many would question and in fact are. Ellis is approached by other F.B.I. agents and demanded to work with them in making a case against Barker. While Ellis feels more and more pressure to turn on Barker, Barker starts on a case that leads him to trying to find corruption in the agency and even ties to his dark past.

When I first started watching “The Beast” it surprised me that it was actually pretty good. I enjoyed the storylines, the acting, and the characters. Patrick Swayze (Barker) is given some decent monologues that display his acting capabilities; however they often feel out of place or wasted as there was no purpose behind them. By about the 4th or 5th episode I started to see cracks that grew as the series continued. Many of the undercover identities start having the same accents (many are Russian, redneck, or the I’m young and use slang type) or characteristics and some are just goofy even though there is no need to be. 

In so many episodes they have someone questioning someone else and then comes the “How did you know that?” cool guy response “You just told me”.  Oh BURN! Fine for an episode but numerous ones and by all different characters it is annoying. But by far the most overused thing in this series is a statement made by the “bad” guy when Barker or Ellis is finally accepted into the group and it comes in some form of “I love this guy”, “I am beginning to love this guy”, “I am starting to like this guy”. We get it, the audience is not stupid, you don’t have to give us some kind of code (wink wink nudge nudge) to let us know “Hey they are in now”.

One good thing for those that are fans or still want to give this somewhat average cop drama a chance is that the on-going story for Barker does receive some sort of closure. This is good because even though the box says “The Complete First Season” it seems this is the complete series since “The Beast” has been cancelled. So maybe not “good” news but at least you won’t be left hanging as people have with so many other shows.

Review by Pandora
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