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The Big Year

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Friday, October 14, 2011

"The Big Year" stars Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson. All three in the movie are known as "Birdies" or people that love to bird watch as a hobby. A "Big Year" is a competition where a Birdie tries to see or hear as many different species of birds in North America during a 1 year time span. So far, Kenny (Owen Wilson), or "Reigning King," holds the world record with 732 bird views in one year. Brad (Jack Black), or "The Programmer," is a first timer that is living out his dream, but very low on funds. Stu (Steve Martin), or "The Rover CEO," is the CEO of his company that is trying to get away by enjoying retirement, but can't let the work go. What starts out as a friendly competition, soon takes over their lives and changes their life views forever.

The picture quality was very sharp and the landscape shots of North America were very well done. Also, the camera shots of the birds, where some were real while others were computer generated, turned out to be a lot more interesting and colorful than I had originally imagined. The surround sound was also amazing and the music for the movie was very fitting. They also loaded this Blu-ray with lots of extras, such as the extended and theatrical versions of the movie, deleted scenes, a gag reel, trailers, live extras, and a featurette about the big migration. I just wish the actual movie was as good as everything surrounding it. 

Bird watching is not my hobby of choice and I did not think this movie was going to be all that interesting in the first place. Also, with 3 comedic actors on one film, I was expecting a bit more comedy, but was disappointed. The cameos were fun and surprising, but they were not enough to save this movie. The movie felt like it dragged on for a while and the main actors could have done a lot more to keep the audience interested. However, one of the major funny areas of the movie was how John Cleese narrated the whole movie as a nature documentary focused more on the Birdies instead of the actual birds. Other than that, the movie was very dry, predictable, and as boring as the hobby of bird watching.

Even though the movie could have and should have been funnier, "The Big Year" was a big let down. Everything else, but the movie, was great to watch and listen to, but the actual movie is where everything counts. However, I would recommend this movie to Birdies, but not to the normal general public. For those reasons, I am giving this movie a "C+."

Paul Arca
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