The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby

In Theatres: 
Mar 31, 2017
Running Time: 
97 minutes

Every once in awhile comes a film where you can’t help but wonder how much money was thrown at an actor to get them to sign on to a role. Films like last year’s Nine Lives where Kevin Spacey plays a business tycoon who becomes trapped inside a cat’s body. DreamWorks Animation’s The Boss Baby is another such instance in which Alec Baldwin reprising his Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock in the form of a newly born infant. The film is as ridiculous as it sounds.


An an only child, Tim Templeton (Miles Christopher Bakshi) has enjoyed the years of devoted attention from his parents, from the imaginative adventures he goes on with them while playing to the nightly bedtime stories and special songs. Life is good. That all changes with the arrival of a new baby in the family, voiced by Alec Baldwin. This isn’t your ordinary baby, however. This is a baby who can talk and is on a mission from Baby Corp to find out what the competition, Puppy Co., is up to. There’s only so much love to go around in the world, and Baby Corp is starting to find themselves on the losing side because of cute and adorable puppies.


The Boss Baby features some wonderfully vivid animations, but the storyline is so uninspiring and dull that it takes all the fun out of the film. It’s a weird film that often doesn’t know whether its for kids or adults. The idea that babies arrive in taxis is just one of the absurd elements about the film. Baby Corp itself is strange to the point where it’s kinda creepy, like how sucking a pacifier will magically transport you to the company.


Sometimes it will make jokes that are geared toward an older crowd, like the “wizard” alarm clock Tim has that sounds exactly like The Lord of the Rings’ Gandalf. At one point he even throws out a “you shall not pass” reference that was worth a slight chuckle. Most of the time, however, it’s immature potty humor that lands without so much as a smile. Yes, it may get kids to laugh every now and again, but their parents will be counting down the seconds until the credits start rolling.


The Boss Baby just your average animated film; nothing more, nothing less. It may have some decent talent behind the scenes, but you’ll never get their full potential. It’s a film that only a baby could love, and definitely not one who talks and wears a suit and tie.

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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