The Carol Burnett Show: Carol's Favorites

The Carol Burnett Show

Regular Air Date: 
September 11, 1967-March 29, 1978
On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Did You Know?

The episodes in the collection were actually hand picked by Burnett herself.

The Carol Burnett Show had, in its time, some of the most original and well executed comedy skits performed live on the spot, a barrage of special guests ranging from Steve Martin to Betty White to Jimmy Stewart, and let’s not forget the song and or dance numbers that popped up in the show. Burnett was an unending source of talent and creativity that helped guide the show through its eleven year run which garnered 25 Prime Time Emmy Awards, received TV Guides #16 spot on their 50 Greatest Shows of all Time list, and was listed as one of Time’s Best TV Shows of All Time in 2007. Now Time Life has brought the show back to the market for old and new fans to seek out.

To be fair, The Carol Burnett Show is so vast that of course you’re going to have your good and bad elements. Some of the sketches, though genius in their time, fail to really translate to this day and age, simply because it’s been done to death by now. For example, Conway’s Swedish accent in the Mrs. Wiggins: Buzz Off skit is hard to stomach. Like I said, it may have been groundbreaking back then but in this day and age it’s not even chuckle worthy. Now, the overall skit execution, aside from Conway’s accent, is genius. Then you have a skit like Medical Documentary that seems to go on for too long without much going for it. It had a few smirk inducing moments but just never really panned out.

Despite everything though the collection contains, as has been praised by so many others, some of the greatest skits of all time. The cast was so talented and worked well together, even the stuttered lines and quick regrouping was hilarious, that almost everything they did on the show just spoke highly of their love for their craft and their never ending journey to perfect it. Aside from discrepancies from fans who have owned previous collections of the show on DVD and who claim you’re being shortchanged, I would still highly suggest a purchase to those of you out there that have never owned a copy of the show. Even with it’s flaw of being a bit dated at times, The Carol Burnett Show still stands as one of the all time greats. Enjoy.

Bonus Features:
~Let's Bump Up The Lights: Cast Reunion
~Harvey Korman and Tim Conway Together Again
~The Dentist sketch (with Korman and Conway) from 1969
~The Gary Moore Show episode featuring Burnett in a Supergirl skit
~I Want To Push that Button: The History of The Carol Burnett Show Featurette
~Ahhh, Mrs. Whiggins Featurette
~Interviews with Betty White, Carl Reiner and others.

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