The Dictator

The Dictator

In Theatres: 
May 16, 2012
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 23 Minutes

Sacha Baron Cohen has done it again…made a mockery of society on the big screen for us all to laugh at.  Sacha stars in The Dictator and plays Aladeen, a dictator to an African nation wealthy with oil.  Aladeen has been the ruler of his people since elementary age and at the present day, his nemesis (also his second in command played by Ben Kingsley) is trying to kill him so that he can rightfully control the ‘throne’ which he should have originally possessed.

Tamir, Ben Kingsley’s character, has plotted a plan to kill Aladeen so that he can take over the oil and sell it to other nations and to profit profusely from it; something that Aladeen would never do.  Little does Tamir know, Aladeen has successfully escaped his killer and is lost unknowingly in America.  Aladeen befriends an earthy activist, played by the goofy as hell Anna Faris.  They team up to take back his seat as the ruler of his African country.

Now, as far as the movie, it was alright.  Sacha has done exactly what is expected of him, to play/create a comedy that is over the top insanely stereotypical.  I was watching the movie and for a second I stood back and paid attention to the audience.  Everyone was laughing at every racist, over-the-top joke and no one seemed to take offense of anything.  I guess I’m just a different person, but if I was a person of color from the Middle East, I wouldn’t enjoy it at all.  But if I remember correctly, Ali G was one of my first encounters with Sacha Baron Cohen and I loved it.  Maybe I even loved it for the over the top stereotypes.   Go figure.

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