The Divide (BLU-RAY)

The Divide

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Running Time: 
122 minutes

When nuclear bombs come raining down on Manhattan one group of tenants manage to overpower the super of their building and find safety in his makeshift bomb shelter located underneath the building. Their scared, not quite sure what’s happening, but there all trapped together and time is running out before humanity rears it’s ugly head.

One part of me thinks back on a film like Cube in which strangers find themselves in a seemingly confined space, knowing little about one another, and whose human nature eventually gets the better of them. I guess the same could be said under any situation. You never really know who you are, or even the ones you know and love, until the small matter of self preservation kicks in.

Despite the film being cast, really with a bunch of second rate character actors, I rather enjoyed it. I do however believe in the worst in people so whenever a film such as this comes out that unashamedly and unremorsefully offers up such a brutal rendition of our hidden truths, I usually end up loving it. To me it is an inevitable truism that despite ours Gods, our morals, our sophistication, when the shit really hit’s the fan, primitive nature will kick in to sustain our own easily extinguishable individual lives at whatever the cost. For some that will become our main objective; stay alive. For others, there is something sinister that has been kept at bay by law. The Divide really is an awesome conversation piece and a fantastic bit of apocalyptic sci-fi.


As you would have guessed the film definitely has a kind of persona all its own. The film has a lot of dark themes which are equally matched by low lit rooms that have the occasional tinge of a red light or simply shadow. That being said when the picture isn’t offering up the doom and gloom you can be sure it looks pretty fantastic. Definition is excellent right off the bat; see the first big explosion, a pair of broken glasses, facial features. It all looks pretty well defined. Color gets sapped now and again but when it’s present the wow factor is pretty good. If your looking for absolute perfection your going to be a bit disappointed but for what the film attempts here you get all the ambiance as well as the technical stuff, for the most part.

Audio was pretty fantastic as well. As you can imagine once we're locked in the bunker with the cast we hear people moving around inside, explosions on the outside, and atmospheric music that blends well with each scene. If your looking for a great immersion sample disc you found it in The Divide.


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