The Fields

The Fields

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Running Time: 
98 minutes
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Cloris Outtakes, Making of, World Premiere with Cloris, Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery, Trailers

Eight-year-old Steven (played by Joshua Ormond) has been taken to stay with his grandparents after his father Barry (played by Faust Checho) holds a gun in the face of his mother Bonnie (played by Tara Reid). As Steven’s mother drives him to his grandparents farm, he over hears a news broadcast on the radio about Charles Manson. Hearing about Manson has Steven worried and scared that Manson might escape or be let out of prison. Telling his grandfather Hiney (played by Bev Appleton) about his fears, Steven is told that he will be fine on the farm as long as he don’t go into the corn fields. But even with warnings from his grandmother Gladys (played by Cloris Leachman) of getting lost and possibly dying in the cornfields can’t stop Steven from wanting to explore them. Once he does he discovers a body of a dead girl, one that has gone missing. After being told that he was just imagining the girl from being so worried over Mansion, Steven and his grandparents are being haunted by someone who wants to make sure they don’t talk.

The Fields is supposedly based on actual events and if so I think they should have just left those events alone. Reading the description on the DVD case and looking at the photos used lead me to believe that this was going to be a scary, thriller movie with something evil lurking in the cornfields. It’s so far from being this that by calling it a thriller or even horror movie would be a boldfaced lie. At no point in the one hour and thirty-eight minutes of this movie was there any tension, scary, or thriller moments. Nor was it even interesting to watch. Even though it had me wondering what was going on it was only because nothing ever goes on. Every movie has a format, or supposed to at least, the first part of introduction, second part the journey, and third is the climax but The Fields only has one long introduction and then what might be considered a ending.

This movie was like having to sneeze but it don’t happen where there’s tension built but in the end nothing happens leaving you feeling let down. Which is exactly how I felt by watching this movie, let down and a mild case of anger for having lost that time of my life. The plot moves along so slowly that when the very few and small times that something happens is shown makes it feel as if I’d been watching for hours. When the end finally does come (not quick enough), it’s an ending that seems thrown together the last minute. The Fields does nothing, goes nowhere, and tells no story other than allowing me to get really bored.

All the actors do a horrible performance with all their characters. Cloris Leachman is the best actor on the movie but all she does is yell. Her character felt like she put into the movie just to have some comedy relief. Only problem is she’s not funny. The character of Gladys is turned into an older woman who does the typical old woman thing of yelling and scolding. However the worst part of the whole movie was the horrible wig given to Tara Reid to wear. It looks like something that would be bought at a mega store during Halloween. Still, I think I could have handled the movie having such horrible acting if there had been some point to the movie. I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t know who I was supposed to root for, and when it finally ends the ending is a huge disappointment. In fact the whole movie is one long disappointment with poor acting, no plot, no action, no thrills, and an ending that seemed to be put on there because the director or writer realized they had nothing else they could do to let people know what this movie was about.

Lee Roberts
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