The Five Year Engagement (BLU-RAY)

The Five Year Engagement

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Running Time: 
124 Minutes

 Being a big fan of the romantic comedy genre and such a huge fan of Forgetting Sarah Marshall you’d think it would help to have both Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller on board. Unfortunately The Five Year Engagement is a film that tugs at the heart strings, isn’t afraid to cross lines to get a chuckle, and manages to drag out the drama but all at the expense of spreading itself too thin. Do I want to melt into the romantic angle, laugh at the stupidity of college humor, or am I going to get tied up in the dramatic aspect of the film? I wish it would have been possible to take in the entire film with all these themes in a well balanced mix but it’s all uneven and it’s a reflection in the actors inability to find their motivation. So how did it look on Blu-ray?

Picture quality for The Five Year Engagement is at about a 75-25 ratio. Colors can be bright and vivid or oversaturated to even drained. Definition can be crisp and solid or soft. I never really felt like the film had reached any kind of real sense of perfection. There is minor grain, aliasing in a minute amount of scenes, and the color schemes seem to reach a level where they should be natural but come off as if someone had gone through the film frame by frame and did touch up here and there. For all intents and purposes it looks acceptable and your not going to notice, much, unless you're really, really looking for it, but I just couldn’t get passed how inconsistent the picture quality seemed. 
Audio was fairly decent. There were never any real stand out moments where immersion had a chance to shine. The film is all dialogue with some musical numbers that didn’t resonate too brightly in the grand scheme of things. All in all it was just a lackluster presentation for me. 
~An Unrated or Theatrical Cut option: Figured I’d go with the unrated version. Since I hadn’t seen the original cut I never knew what I was missing, but from research it appears I was gifted an extra seven minutes of a film that was already to long for a romcom. 
~Audio Commentary
~Behind The Scenes Features: A little less then an hour in all. Some of them worthy of being seen and others not so much. 
~Deleted Scenes
~Alternate and Extended Scenes: Honestly, no need. 
~Gag Reel
~Ultra Violet Code
~DVD Copy
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