The Frighteners: Director's Cut

The Frighteners

On DVD: 
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Running Time: 
123 Minutes

Frank Bannister is a ghostbuster in a small town; but what the town doesn’t know is that he is working with the ghosts he is supposed to be exorcising.  The scam is going well until an actual evil spirit emerges and starts killing. The town turns to Frank to help out and he must discover away to stop him and save the town.

Even though part of the reason that this DVD was released was to promote King Kong; there are many features that fans will find this DVD worth the buy. First there are 14 minutes added to the film, an introduction by Peter Jackson, and commentary by Peter Jackson. Then there is also a full-length making of documentary. This documentary contains interviews with Michael J. Fox, Trini Alvarado, Dee Wallace Stone, Jake Busey, & Chi McBride, bloopers, deleted scenes, Peter Jackson & Jim Fyfe share their ghost stories, Jackson walks you from the idea to the shooting, behind the scenes of rehearsal, a look at the special effects, motion control, & blue screen techniques, a look at the miniatures, and more. The disc is double sided; even with that this is much better than the previous release with pretty much only the trailer.

Review by Toby Blake