The Ghostkeepers

If you want to see potential squandered, look no further than The Ghostkeepers.

Nothing grates on me as much as seeing a good idea executed poorly. And at it's core, at the start, The Ghostkeepers is actually a good idea. Years ago, a film was made, The House Where Evil Was Born, and the house it was filmed in was haunted, and the director reportedly killed himself at the end of production. So now, a podcaster has arranged to bring the two stars of the film back to the house where it all happened, along with a psychic, to record a special podcast and perform a séance to contact the director or other ghosts.

This has all the earmarks of a decent little horror film...

Where it goes wrong is by first casting two people not old enough to have starred in a film decades ago. And both of them spend the whole film acting like they are in bad community theater. The podcaster is a better actor, except he adapts a little laughter affectation which periodically stabs you in the ear.

Then, the ghosts never actually do anything, except to help the stars of the film comes to terms with the relationship they once had and the death of their friend, the director. The Ghostkeepers is a better terrible drama than it is a terrible horror film.

And I wish more low budget films would get back into practical effects, because the computer graphics productions like this employ look so horribly fake, and more importantly not scary at all.

Save yourself the 80 minutes and don't watch The Ghostkeepers.

Review by Jason Pace
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