The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard

In Theatres: 
Aug 14, 2009
Running Time: 
90 minutes

Jeremy Piven, Ving Rhames, David Koechner, Ed Helms, Ken Jeong, Will Ferrell; the list of great and hilarious actors who star in The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard can go on and on. From the same people that brought us Talladega Nights and Step Brothers comes a used car salesman who is damn good as what he does and must help a family business in need.

Don Ready (Piven) has been selling cars his entire life. When a small dealership in the town of Temecula, CA hires him for a Fourth of July weekend sale, he thought it would be a simple in and out mission. The task turns our more difficult than he imagined for him and his team.

 With a cast that big and diverse, there is going to be a variety of humor to go around. The film doesn’t get dry or boring; it’s stays strong practically the whole way though. Unfortunately, Jeremy Piven’s role wasn’t that impressive. There was just something about his character that wasn’t funny…like, at all. Thankfully, he had a handful of people to back him up.

 Will Ferrell, even as just a small role, was brilliant. It was probably his funniest role since Talladega Nights. Another surprise hit was Craig Robinson from The Office. He plays a creepy DJ who lives in his own little world and plays what he wants. His trash talking and cocky attitude is something that Don Ready can’t even stand up against.

The story is decent but it could have been much better. There were a few routes that went unexplored and were left to the “what happens in the future” recap at the end of the film. The man/boy band thing for Ed Helm’s character was great and some of Ready’s selling methods could actually work if you’re crazy enough.

The Goods isn’t the best Ferrell/McKay production but it is good enough. You will be laughing almost constantly throughout the film but it’s no Hangover type laugh. It’s more of a steady chuckle. Definitely give it a view if you’re a fan of humor, and who isn’t these days?

Matt Rodriguez
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