The Green Hornet 3D

The Green Hornet 3D

In Theatres: 
Jan 14, 2011
Running Time: 
108 minutes
Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee played the role as Kato in the television series and for a small instant he makes an appearance in this movie, try to spot where, it's done in a smart fun way.

James Reid (played by Tom Wilkinson) is a very wealthy and powerful owner and publisher of a large newspaper. While trying to get the world to know the truth from what’s wrote in his paper, James Reid finds it hard to raise his son Britt Reid (played by Seth Rogen). When his father dies, Britt must figure out what he wants to do with his fathers newspaper even though he had no idea what he’s doing. When the two go out to try to relax a little after the funeral, Britt and Kato (played Jay Chou) find themselves in a fight trying to help a bystander. Only afterwards they are seen as criminals and from that point on the Green Hornet and his partner was the newest up can coming criminals.

The Green Hornet is based off a radio series that had originally came out in the 1930’s that was later turned into a television show as well as a comic book series. The plot for this film is the same as it has always been, the son of a wealthy newspaper becomes a superhero that poses as a criminal. This film keeps true to the basics of the character of the Green Hornet, though this one seems to have a bit too much comedy in it. Everything is here in this movie from the Black Beauty car to the green fedora hat that’s worn by Green Hornet. Kato also has the black chauffer suit on when he goes out fighting crime and is the one with all the fighting skills.
Here I thought this movie wasn’t going to be that good, more of a film that has known actors with some cool fight scenes and a cool car. The Green Hornet turns out to be a movie that has known actors in it with some cool fight scenes, a cool car, and some decent laughs. The Green Hornet is not going to be mistaken for best picture or even best actor or supporting actor, in fact I would say no award would be given to this movie. There’s enough action and cool effects in this movie that it don’t get boring and it all looks really good. These special effects, all the really cool fight cerography, and the car makes watching the Green Hornet fun.

However, watching is the about the extent of the good side of the Green Hornet. Seth Rogen plays the role of Britt Reid good, mainly do to the fact that the character is this self obsessed, party guy with a ego. Pretty much most of the roles that Seth Rogen plays anyways, only this time the character of Britt is rich. A lot of the times that I was supposed to be laughing I only found it mildly chuckle worthy. It was Jay Chou that steals the movie, from the one liners that he has, the dry wit humor, and most of all the martial arts he does in the film. As for Cameron Diaz, she don’t appear in the movie that much and when she does it’s only for a few moments. Her roll could have be larger, especially since her character Lenore is the one that helps and gives the information needed to Britt and Kato to help them in their quest of being heroes.

I did find the Green Hornet fun to watch, only because it’s a good movie to watch without having to use any brain cells. It’s all about action and a cool car nothing else. There’s no substance in this film that makes it stand out to me past it having good cg and fights. The plot points used is the same with the majority of these duo action movies, which is they 2 main characters start off doing their thing and doing it good, then one of them starts to have a problem with the other, next thing that happens is they are fighting each other and splitting up. But of course by the end something happens that brings them back together and they are able to finish out the main point of the movie with their friendship in tact.

For me the best part of watching the Green Hornet was getting to see it in 3D. Lately these films that I’ve seen in 3D have only shown portions of the film in 3D. I don’t know why they have done this but it has annoyed me seeing it that way. The 3D used in the Green Hornet is shown throughout the whole movie. I was actually impressed with how the 3D looked in this movie. Even the end credits were in 3D and they were really cool to see. Though there was one scene that had multiple boxes going on at the same time on screen that made it a little difficult to keep my eyes focused on one point but it don’t last long enough to change how I felt about the 3D. Still, even with the typical plot point, the special effects carrying it, and the mediocre acting, the Green Hornet is a fun movie to watch.

Lee Roberts
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