The Kingdom

The Kingdom

On DVD: 
Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 50 Minutes

Deleted Scenes, “Character By Character: The Apartment Shootout”, “Constructing The Freeway Sequence”, “Creating The Kingdom”, “History Of The Kingdom: An Interactive Timeline”, and commentary by the director.

After a bombing that took the lives of numerous Americans in Saudi Arabia an F.B.I. team is sent over to find those responsible.  However while there they find it is not easy to get the evidence they are looking for with strict time lines, limited support, and the constant threat of those responsible doing anything it takes to not be found.

I found “The Kingdom” to be incredibly boring as most of the action only takes place in about the last 30 minutes. While the subject itself could have proved to be more captivating the weak dialog, lackluster acting, and over all lack of character development you are left idly watching until you hear gunfire. To make matters worse I didn’t even feel any attachment to the F.B.I. agents, in fact I felt more disgust. Through most of the movie you have to sit there and witness as each one comes off incredibly racist. From their comments, to their actions each one really sickens me as they refuse to even try to understand the difference in cultures. They took the “America Fuck Yeah” Team America tongue and cheek theme; but embraced it as a disgusting motto of how to make a political piece.

Review by Pandora
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