The Man With The Iron Fists (BLU-RAY)

The Man With The Iron Fists

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 36 Minutes

“Man With The Iron Fists” was a bit cheesy but it played its purpose; a little under a couple of hours of movie television entertainment.  The story opens with our narrator, Thaddeus Henry Smith, which is played by RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan.  Thaddeus takes us through the entire movie journey while he tells his story of how he became the Man With The Iron Fists.

A martial arts style, cheesy sort of movie but with a very well thought out storyline.  Thaddeus tells us about the story of Gold Lion, the leader of the baddest clan around.  The Lion clan was asked by the emperor to transport his gold from one location to another.  Well, Gold Lion’s second and third in command decide they will get rid of him to take control of the emperor’s gold.  After Gold Lion has been executed, his son, The X-Blade, leaves his new bride to avenge his father’s death and put the treacherous remaining Lions to their deaths.

Our Thaddeus narrates our story but he is also an important part since he is the town’s Blacksmith and he has the ins and outs on all of the good and bad guys because he provides their weapons.  Thaddeus is a member of this town only because he is waiting for his brothel-working girlfriend to make enough money (along with the money he makes) to leave the town and leave negativity behind them.

Well, I think you already know how this story goes.  The bad guys kill his girl, so now you have two simultaneous stories of revenge.  The X-Blade fighting to avenge his father and Thaddeus to avenge his dead girlfriend killed by the bad a$$, Bronze Body villain.  That was a lot of information in a short period of time.   Imagine how you’d feel watching the movie!

All jokes aside, the movie was so cheesy it was good.  I see that Quentin Tarantino’s name is attached to this movie but I’m thoroughly impressed that RZA wrote the screenplay and directed the movie.  I never understood the infatuation of RZA and the rest of the Wu-Tang clan with their martial arts obsession but the movie was good.

Zione Michaels
Review by Zione Michaels
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