The Midnight Meat Train

The Midnight Meat Train

On DVD: 
Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Running Time: 
100 minutes

Leon Kauffman is trying to capture the true image of the city on film, during his quest one nite he saves a pretty woman from some gang members. He watches as she thanks him and then jumps on the train, the next day the papers are reporting her missing. Unsure how that could happen Leon starts his own investigation he is drawn to one man; silent, intimidating, a butcher by day, at nite he rides the train, and his name is Mahogany. As Leon becomes more and more obsessed, he also becomes certain that murders are happening on the late train by the hands of Mahogany. With no one believing his claims Leon sets out to prove it and puts his life and those he loves must at risk.

The movie has some very brutal, gory, violent moments which are awesome. There is a mix of real looking gore & blood and then a few moments of CGI gore like an eyeball popping out of a head. Vinnie Jones is completely buyable as the silent, violent killer Mahogany; but you can also tell there is more going on with him. Bradley Cooper manages to pull off Leon’s slip into an insanely obsessed man on a mission and you somehow still feel for the character all the way through.

The movie is filmed with a bluish hue giving everything a nite-time feel while things like the train or street lights come off bright and clear. Now I have never read the books so I didn’t know what would be coming at the end. There was one moment in the movie that hints at the ending and when I picked up on that I started hoping it wouldn’t happen. The movie had me hooked on just the story of a secretive man killing people on a late nite train for meat; and there are so many directions to take it for explaining the whys. But the ending I got turned the movie from horror/slasher into horror/slasher with mild sci-fi influences. So yeah I was sort of letdown by the end; but really enjoyed all the rest.

Bonus features
Commentary with Clive Barker & director Ryuhei Kitamura
Clive Barker: the man behind the myth (interview with Clive Barker talking about the books & the story of the movie)
Mahogany’s tale (interview with director & Clive Barker actor & cast talking about the character Mahogany & his weapons)
Anatomy Of A Murder Scene

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