The Mutts: Fuel Yer Delusion Vol. 4

Fuel Yer Delusion Vol. 4

(The Mutts)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Right out of the gate I have to say that The Mutts are all over the place. Think HED (p.e.), Tom Waits, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Dog Eat Dog, and probably a ton of other sounds musical long travelers will glean. There’s just a lot, and depending on your tastes, you might love it or you might leave it. Either way it’s an experience. 
My experience with The Mutts latest album was an on again off again affair. For the most part I thought the production of the album failed to capture the crazy mix of sounds the bands put out. There’s just so much going on and the noise levels never really level out leaving a lot of the more interesting sounds buried beneath the barrage of noise. Honestly it was similar to Country Club and The Porn Horns (if you’ve ever had the chance to hear them).
Then there were the more relaxed tunes that came on a bit more focused and really emphasized the blues rock sound the band delivers with gusto. Black Ties & Diamonds is probably the most outstanding song on the album. As far as the whole concept, if there was one. I failed to grasp it. Then again, the album seems like one of those “must listen more then once” types. Though the messages seemed bit basic, for example- excepting people for who they are. 
The album is definitely one that you’d have to decided upon for yourself. It has its ups, it has its, but like I said, you might love it or you might leave it. Who knows. Give it a shot.  
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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