The Peacemaker (Blu-Ray)

The Peacemaker

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Running Time: 
124 minutes
Special Features

Short feature of stunts and deleted scenes as well as the trailer.

After Russia tears down its nuclear weapons and loads it all on a train, a group ends up stealing the weapons. When one is set off U.S. nuclear specialist Dr. Julia Kelly (played by Nicole Kidman) is brought in to find out if this was just an accident or a terrorist attack. While giving her debriefing Special Forces Colonel Thomas Devoe (played by George Clooney) gives Dr. Julia Kelly some advice that does not sit too well with her or the rest of the U.S. government. With the two teaming up with each other they are sent out to find these people that have stolen these nuclear weapons, get the weapons back, and stop anything from happening.

I remember watching The Peacemaker when it first came out back in 1998 and over the past 12 years I’ve only watched it that one time. When I did see it I had liked it and found that it had a more believable story to it than most similar movies. After 12 years since seeing it and watching it again this second time on the Blu-Ray disc I still enjoyed it. I don’t think this is a movie that I could watch multiple times but given some years between the times I do watch it I would still enjoy it. Once this movie is seen it’s plots, the twists, and all the action is going to be remembered, which is what makes it tough to be watched a lot of times.

All the espionage, spies, traitors, and of course the two main characters personalities being different but somehow they end up liking each other has all been blended well for The Peacemaker. Though I don’t think he’s as great of an actor as some people believe him to be, George Clooney is a good enough actor that he does make some good movies. The Peacemaker is another one that shows his talent in being able to play a serious role while giving just enough of a comedy side to the character so that he is more realistic. Though I didn’t think Nicole Kidmans performance was that great and found her at times a little annoying to watch. She gives a performance in The Peacemaker that seems like she or maybe the director was trying to get that perfect take for each scene from her, which maybe they had to do a lot of takes that ends up making Nicole Kidman seem tired or fed up with certain scenes.

Aside from that, I can’t think of anything that’s wrong with this movie. The conversion over to the Blu-Ray works well enough that I didn’t really see any blemishes in the picture. I also didn’t seen anything that makes the movie stand out anymore than if I was watching it on my HDTV if it was coming on one of the digital channels. What I was most impressed with was the sound quality. It was so good that I actually had to turn the volume down on the television further than I do with anything I watch. The sound is clear and it’s loud enough to be heard, clearly. Which makes watching all the chase scenes, the explosions, and all the action even better, as well as getting to hear all the serious moments where it’s just dialog. But best of all The Peacemaker is a good, fun, spy, let’s go kick some butt and save the world while we’re at it, movie to watch. Good acting, good sequences in all the action, the dramatic scenes don’t drag any, and the chemistry of the main actors plays well. Overall, I was glad I watched it again.

Lee Roberts
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