The President's Book of Secrets

The President's Book of Secrets

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Running Time: 
94 minutes

 With having to run the United States of America, the president learns a lot of information. Though what is done with all this information? Where does the president go when he knows something that he don’t want anyone else to know? He writes it down in the President’s Book of Secrets. This one mythical book that has been passed down from president to president with only them getting to see the contents within and getting to add what they think would be for the presidents eyes only. Does the book actually exist? If so what would be inside this book? Would the worlds greatest secrets be in there or would it just be a book that holds information that would make the life of the president easier? It’s not known, at least by anyone other than the president and here on this History Channel special “The President’s Book of Secrets” there are interviews with former people of power, aids to the president, historians, and many others who will shed some light on what might be the most sought after book in the world.

Does the Show Tell the Secrets:
 This was a show that I was actually pretty thrilled about watching. Here I was going to learn about this mythical book that holds the most powerful secrets the world would know, at least as the myth goes that is. So with this being a show produced by the History Channel it should be telling some facts and other sorts of information that would be interesting to learn.

 That was my thoughts going into this show but by the time I finished watching it I hadn’t really learned anything that I didn’t already know. There’s talk about the book of secrets and what might be contained in it but it never really comes right out in saying this would or wouldn’t be in the book. What’s given in this 94 minute long show is interviews with people who once worked in the government, with, near, or in some capacity to the president about some of the jobs and other things the president does and rumors or thoughts to what might be in the book but nothing substantial is given.

 All that “The President’s Book of Secrets” tells is some information that would be common sense to someone if just thought about. It’s known that the president has to have a lot of knowledge and there could possible be a book that holds all those secrets but nothing important is told here. This is a interesting show to watch, it kept me watching it, I didn’t get bored but I also didn’t get anything out of it. What is told here could be and is taught in any government/history class in high school and nothing more. If you are looking to really know what might be hidden in that book of secrets this won’t be the show to watch. Though if you do want to watch something interesting that does talk about a lot of the ordeals the president has to go through, then “The President’s Book of Secrets” is going to deliver.

Lee Roberts
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