The Road Within

The Road Within

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Running Time: 
102 minutes

What does an anorexic, an OCD germaphobe, and a guy suffering from Tourette’s have in common? They’re all living together at behavioral facility with the hopes of getting better. After the death of his mother and primary caretaker, Vincent (Robert Sheehan) is the newest resident of the facility when his absent father (Robert Patrick) can’t provide the necessary assistance needed to handle his Tourette’s Syndrome. His new roommate Alex (Dev Patel) has obsessive compulsive disorder and must have everything clean, while down the hall is Marie (Zoë Kravitz), a severely underweight girl suffering from an eating disorder. Together, the three of them steal their doctor’s car and go on a roadtrip to the beach to honor Vincent’s mother.


The Road Within is a great dramedy featuring wonderful performances from all of the cast. Robert Sheehan, Dev Patel, and Zoë Kravitz all are amazing in their character portrayals and brings these conditions to the forefront in a realistic manner while still using lighthearted humor in the process. The chemistry between all three of them is what drives the film.



The Blu-ray is presented in your standard 16:9 widescreen format with 5.1 HD stereo surround sound. There’s nothing particularly amazing about the quality, mostly because there’s nothing over-the-top about the film. It’s a fun road trip film that doesn’t need to wow audiences with technical jargon.


Interviews with Cast (Robert Sheehan, Dev Patel, Zoë Kravitz) & Director (Gren Wells)
Deleted Scenes
Music Video for “Get It Right” by Oh Honey


The bonus features aren’t anything spectacular as they include the typical content you’d find with home releases. The interviews are the best, however, as they go in depth into the making of the film and everyone’s individual characters. If you enjoyed the film, and honestly why wouldn’t you, then you’ll definitely get a kick out of the interviews as well.

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