The Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption (BLU-RAY)

The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Running Time: 
106 minutes
Bonus Features

Deleted and Extended Scenes, Gag Reel, Making of, Commentary, D-Box Motion Enabled

Once the mighty Scorpion King, Mathayus (played by Victor Webster), has lost everything, his queen died to a plague, his kingdom has fallen, and now he has become an assassin. When Mathayus is hired by Horus (played by Ron Perlman) to stop his brother King Talus (played by Billy Zane) from getting the book of the dead. If King Talus is able to get the book he will be able to bring back the 3 deadly warriors that would be able to wreck havoc around the lands destroying kingdoms and killing the people that live there. Mathayus has only once chance to defeat King Talus is to team up with the brute Olaf (played by Bostin Christopher) and the mysterious ninja clan Cobra.

Not much needs to be explained about this movie, got the main character Mathayus who is supposed to be this renown Scorpion King has fallen but to get back his power and pride he goes after the bad guy King Talus who wants to have power and along the way he meets the beautiful leader of a secret clan that holds the key to Talus gaining what he needs for power. The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption uses the same format that the previous two movies had but without it being any good. That format is having the main actor being some big guy who is this ultimate fighter going after some evil guy who has an army and evil undead warriors on his side, a stupid sidekick, and the girl fight.

Sometimes this format works, it did with the first movie, however, it does not with this third installment. The acting done in this movie is horrible, the fight scenes are so choreographed that it looks like some high school home video, and the special effects are nothing but overlaid bad images. For a movie that has so much fighting in it, I would think that the fight scenes would be decent but they are laughable. Even with having actors that are wrestlers, who know how to make a fake fight look real, only end up making the fights look slow and boring. There are moments during a lot of the fights that the actors are watching where they are supposed to be falling after being hit. Watching these fights that are supposed to be intense with ninja’s jumping around are only boring.

What also is just laughable is how there are supposed to be all these different cultures yet every single actor speaks perfect English. Now I know it’s an American made movie with English speaking actors, but how about having some of them having an accent? Even a bad accent would have been better than none at all. Though Billy Zane does somewhat a funny portrayal of his character King Talus. Not sure if the character was supposed to be shown as this goofy, spoiled, guy who just goes around acting oddly or not but Billy Zane makes this character that way and it’s funny. Everything about this movie is just corny and unbelievable, especially the whole ninja fighting the one warrior. How one guy, no matter how big and strong he is, would not be able to fight multiple ninja’s attacking him at the same time. This pretty much sums up the whole movie, moments that are just too over the top to be believable or interesting.

This might not be that good of a movie to watch for it’s plot, the acting, the action, or it’s locations but it has a nice look on Blu Ray. The colors on this Blu Ray are pretty sharp and clear, it’s especially noticed with the scenes where they are in the jungle with how vibrant the greens stand out. There is some grain visible in the darker areas of the movie but it’s not that much. For a movie that has nothing else going for it, the picture quality is the best aspect because of its clarity and sharpness. 

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