The Secret Life Of The American Teenager: Volume Three
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Make It Or Break It Pilot Episode, Hat Chat (questions sent in by fans and answered by the cast)

Your favorite group of troubled teens are back. Ben wants nothing more than to make Amy happy but is still very jealous of Ricky. Ricky and Adrian continue their tumultuous relationship and Adrian is very jealous of Amy. Meanwhile Grace and Jack decide to take their relationship to the next level. Amy attempts to raise her son, go to school, and works; but when she finds out that her own mother is pregnant that nearly sends her over the edge.

Still really not getting why this show is still around. The teens are spoiled and whiny. While this is not unusual at all from real teens the fact that none of the parents do a thing about it does seem a little odd. They are just as immature and whiny as the kids. The teens that are supposed to serve as good role models are beyond judgy as they condemn everyone and even at times laugh at others misfortunes. The parents that should be there for their kids to offer guidance are off setting horrible examples sleeping around and lying about whose kid they are having. Sex is practically every third word uttered.

When this show came out I applauded the fact that they were willing to take on a topic of teen pregnancy; but the results are not worthy of that praise. There is no lesson, bigger picture. Amy cries here and there over the stress of everything; but really she has it pretty easy. Family helps out, boyfriend helps out, the father helps out. And what has Amy learned? Well while she won’t have sex anytime soon for fear of having another kid that doesn’t mean she won’t be rude and yell at her parents, try to skip out on taking care of her baby, yelling at teachers at school, and then attempting to leave the country to just get away from everything. What does her parents do in return? They sometimes huff or sigh loudly, tell her she is being spoiled, and then walk away. Wow great parenting.

And how do you tell when a show like this has jumped the shark? We have had a pregnancy but that wasn’t enough so now her mom is pregnant too. We have had affairs and cheating; but now the divorced parents are back together cheating on the mom’s boyfriend. Ricky has his own apartment, Adrian blackmails parents, Ben had some fling perhaps over summer and let us not forget that they killed off a parent because his daughter had sex. The show is one big dysfunctional mess that masquerades as wholesome because sometimes there is mention of God. But really this is nothing more than a watered down Jerry Springer episode.

Review by Pandora
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