The Soloist

The Soloist

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Apr 24, 2009
Based on a true story...

In the film, Steve Lopez is portrayed as divorced. However, his real life counterpart remains happily married. Lopez said that while having himself portrayed as recently single in the film was a bit weird, it was much more important to him that the film makers captured the themes of his articles rather than absolute facts.

Nathaniel Ayers was born gifted. He had the natural ability to play the cello beautifully. Putting everything he had into his music, Nathaniel was on the rise as a student at Juilliard. Then in his second year, he developed schizophrenia and things unfortunately took a turn for the worst. Now he is living on the street, playing his music for the birds and anyone who is willing to listen. 

Looking for a story to write, LA Times columnist Steve Lopez is enthralled with what he hears from the shopping cart of this homeless man. Thus, a friendship was born from what started out as a newspaper column.

Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. team up to bring you this emotional story and boy do they give a performance. The dialogue between the two is intense and rapid as can be. Foxx is gifted with the ability to come as close to mumbling as possible while still retain some form of understanding. Still, you must focus all of your attention if you want to listen to every little detail and that can be quite tough at times.

The portrayal of the homeless in downtown LA is both disturbing and amazing. The scary fact is that the situations portrayed in the film exist and that it is not all just movie magic. The sights and sounds of the film combine into one emotional experience. Part of it feels like a documentary; part like a film. 

Amongst the constant dialogue, it can become somewhat boring but if you make it through the whole one 1 hour and 40 minutes then you'll leave with a satisfying smile. If you're looking for something other than your usual action flicks, than you've found it. I would definitely recommend The Soloist.

Matt Rodriguez
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