The Switch

The Switch

In Theatres: 
Aug 20, 2010
Running Time: 
101 minutes

Overall, I think you'll find The Switch surprisingly entertaining.

Jennifer Aniston hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to romantic comedies but she keeps doing them. Her latest work, The Switch, involves Kassie (Aniston) wanting to get pregnant and have a baby by artificial insemination. Her BFF Wally (Jason Bateman) isn't too thrilled at the idea but ends up supporting her nonetheless.

During her insemination party, Wally gets beyond drunk and ends up spilling the donor's "man juice" on accident. In an act of stupidity and desperation, he decides to replace it with his own; after all, who would notice the difference? When Kassie finds out she's pregnant, she decides to move back home since New York is no place to raise a child. Now fast forward seven years and she is returning to NYC with Sebastian, Wally's son of which nobody knows the actually truth. Hilarity ensues...

Recently, we've seen plenty of films involving artificial insemination such as The Back-Up Plan and Baby Mama. The Switch is not too different in terms of sex jokes and such. Surprisingly, the film evolves into something more than just your average romantic comedy. Once Sebastian is in the picture and Wally realizes that he's the father, the comedy is pushed into the background and it becomes more about love and family. 

It's actually somewhat difficult to classify the film as a romantic comedy. Aniston and Bateman have a little bit of chemistry together but many of the scenes they share feel awkward and forced. As as BFF, Bateman hits the nail on the head but as a lover? Not so much. Thomas Robinson as the young Sebastian is the star of the show. He's smart, cute, and funny; a triple threat. Jeff Goldblum plays Wally's friend and co-worker. He's always good for a laugh when on screen. He's like that obnoxious family member who isn't afraid to tell it like it is or say exactly what's on his mind.

Overall, I think you'll find The Switch surprisingly entertaining. It's definitely a lot better than Aniston's last rom-com, The Bounty Hunter. She's not amazing in this film either but with a cast consisting of Bateman, Goldblum, and the adorable Thomas Robinson, you can't help but slightly fall in love with it.

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