The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy

In Theatres: 
Jan 22, 2010
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 42 Minutes

The movie story is far from new and the humor is slapstick and gimmicky but sometimes that’s what you need for a light hearted family flick.

The Rock has got THE whitest teeth in all of Hollywood!
What do you call Santa Clause in January? The Tooth Fairy! Same template just a month late. But when it comes to family fun - if the fluoride formula works why change it?
Derek Thompson (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), a flashy insensitive egotistical minor league hockey player, is taught a few lessons about the power of belief. After having almost smashed the innocent dreams of sweet little Tess like a locomotive body check into the glass, Derek is summoned to the realm of fairy to receive punishment. Donning a cute pink tutu and a set of wispy wings he’s informed by the don’t-mess-with-me fairy godmother (Julie Andrews) that he must perform the duties of a tooth fairy for one week, scratch that because Derek interrupts so make it 2 weeks, wait….. make that 3 weeks. Grumbling and dragging his feet he takes up the wand and has to learn to juggle tooth absconding with a failing hockey career and love life with sweetie Carly (Ashley Judd). Will the fairies be able to teach Derek the error of his ways? Will he learn to believe? Will he ever get out of those tights?
I think this kind of movie works for Johnson. He’s a big incredibly good looking guy that can play an arrogant jerk oh so very well. So it’s fun to see him get knocked down to size by a bunch of fairies! He’s come a long way having done the Game Plan, Get Smart and Race to Witch Mountain. This time I think he’s got it right. He can finally do slap stick without looking dumb. And it helps to have a fantastic supporting cast! Ashley Judd is just too darn cute as the loving single mom trying to date the washed up jock. You really do get that she cares about her kids and wants Thompson to straighten up. And Julie Andrews is… well Julie Andrews! The woman is Brilliant! She’s one sophisticated lady. Stephen Merchant is lanky and over the top silly as Thompson’s fairy counselor. And let’s point out the fun guest star! Billy Crystal! He was a delightful uncredited surprise playing the duct taped wing gadget dispensing fairy Jerry. I absolutely love him in this, albeit his role is VERY similar to his Miracle Max from Princess Bride. “LIAR!” It works, it’s cute and he’s hilarious.

The movie story is far from new and the humor is slapstick and gimmicky but sometimes that’s what you need for a light hearted family flick. It lays out a lesson for the kids, gives the parents something to laugh at and overall entertains. The FX aren’t necessarily big screen worthy so if you have a lot of kids wait for the dvd and cuddle up on the couch together. It’s also more geared to the older kids – 8, 9, 10 and older. The little ones in the theater got bored after 10 minutes. There’s just not enough cartoony fantasy to keep their interest and the lessons will go right over their little heads.

Review by Sheree Cobernus