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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
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Christopher has enough problems in his life; trying to get up the courage to talk to the beautiful Rebecca, getting good grades, fitting in with his friends, basic growing up issues. But in a split second all that changes when he starts to realize that he is becoming a vampire. As he attempts to hide his slow transformation from his friends & family Chris worries about who he can trust and who will turn him in. So Chris instinctively grasps at “Chet”.

“Chet” tells Chris he works for the Forces Of Light and that if Chris helps him carry out his mission “Chet” will be able to get Chris back to his human form. Christopher is soon meeting other vampires and begins to have his doubts about “Chet”. As he starts to transform more and more Christ doesn’t know who to trust, if he has made the right choices, and what will become of him.

Alright imagine a world that is just like this one, with the exception that vampires, changelings, demons, witches, etc. exist and everyone knows about it. In fact they are often hunted and as soon as they are found killed with no trial. But other than this little fact the world is the same.

So I have read tons & tons of books about vampires, and have been reading them for as long as I can remember. This is not like any other vampire book I have read. Really this isn’t so much a vampire book as it focuses on what a horrible ordeal it is to turn into a vampire. As you follow Chris and the events that occur you feel miserable for him (or at least that is what it seems like they are trying to get you to feel).

Now this could be that I’m an adult reading a young adult book; but I didn’t enjoy reading it at all. I felt like I was following around an emo kid. Chris is unbearably whiney, he is always bringing up that he is not attractive, that he is odd, that he doesn’t want to do anything his friends are doing, etc. It is hard to care about a character that doesn’t even care about themselves. But once again this could be because I am not part of and have never been a part of the emo group.

As far as the writing style, it is very simple. There is a lot of “he said”, “I said”, “then he said”, “and I say”. I am guessing that this is suppose to relate to a younger crowd. But on the other hand there are things said that do not fit in with that kind of style, such as referring to things as “pulpy substance”, “…he shall lead us to Victory. With a capital V.” These just aren’t things I would expect to hear out of teenagers. Another odd thing is how Christopher notices a girl may be wearing a “Laura Ashley” dress, or a woman wearing cornflower blue. Have guys really changed so much that they know brand names of girl’s clothes and very specific colors?

I was able to finish this book in less than one day; it is a very easy read. If you are fascinated by vampires understand that this book does not paint them in a good light and its focus is more on the transforming and how horrible that is. It is more like a book on relating how hard it is to grow up and feeling left out than vampires. Once again this is not a book I would keep, read again, or even pass on to younger family members. If you can handle a whiney lead character that the author tries way too hard to make quirky & different, and can be satisfied with a story that builds up to an ending that has a great chance of disappointing by all means find this book on sale for a couple of bucks. But even then I’m not so sure you will enjoy it.

Review by Pandora
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