Through the Zombie Glass

Through the Zombie Glass

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
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Young slayer Alice Bell has had a hard life where she has lost almost everything. Her family has been taken away from her where she is left alone in a world where zombies attack at any given moment. Trying to cope with the hardships life has given her, Alice must find time to fight the zombies that attack while also finding time for a love life. Can she deal with the expectations that the boy she loves has for her while dealing with having the dead talk to her as well as having a darkness inside her tring to control her? All Alice knows is that she has to stay strong in the face of death, friendship, and love or she will lose it all.

When I first got this book, Through the Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter, I was looking forward to it. That old saying of not judging a book by it's cover comes into play when I first saw the cover of this book, as well as the title. My first impression was that this book was going to be like some other books that's came out over the last few years where the plot takes a classic tale and it's characters and throws in some zombies or vampires. In this case I assumed it was going to be the classic tale featuring the famous Alice who went to Wonderland, or I should say the sequel to that first tale of Alice. Which in a way this is a sequel to the first book that Gena Showalter wrote called Alice in Zombieland. I also assumed that the book was going to be about her fighting zombies while in Wonderland. In both cases I was basically wrong and right.
This book was inspired by the famous Alice and her adventures but aside from having the name of Alice she is not the same Alice. Also the zombies that she fights in this book are not the typical kind of zombies. Instead of flesh eating, undead thing that's only out to eat some brains, or flesh of any normal person, these zombies are closer to being ghosts/spirits/apparitions. Where instead of eating the flash of people these zombies are out to eat the spirits of people, usually slayers that go to hunt them. Also, where I assumed that the story was going to be about this girl Alice fighting off the zombies, which it kind of is, it's more a story about this girl Alice who is struggling through her life after a horrible loss of her family and being in love with the head slayer.
Now, that you know the basic idea of the book I'm sure you're wondering what I thought of it. Well, this is a book that I at times I liked but all the other times I didn't. Let me explain why I didn't like the book first before I get to the reason why I do. First and main reason, I'm not a girl from the ages of 17 and up. Through the Zombie Glass is mainly about the girl Alice dealing with her feelings for her lost family and Cole, the guy she is in love with, which if I were a girl I would have been really enjoying this book. If I were a girl I would have enjoyed reading about how Alice is this strong girl who is dealing with her feelings for this guy who is the bad boy that's handsome, strong, who scares all the other guys, has all the girls wanting him, knowing how to make her tremble, and her just wanting him to talk to her, kiss her, and be her bad boy that's a good guy on the inside. Basically I read a book that's the thought process of what a girls fantasy being played out while fighting the zombies that are now somewhat better than the typical zombie with the rotting flesh, these are spirit zombies. Sure they might be ugly and want to kill them but they are not the rotting flesh, stinking, body parts falling off or already off, of a disgusting dead person. This is a novel about a girl and her love life with some polished up zombies mixed in.
For the reason I did like it is because Gena Showalter has a good sense of writing. I might not have cared much for the plot but I did enjoy the moments that Alice was having to fight the zombies. Not that I only wanted a book about zombie fighting, I don't mind some romance in a book, but this has a little too much for my taste. Gena Showalter knows how to write a story that tells what a young woman is going through with her emotions and I'm sure there will be a lot of girls out there that connect with Alice or want to be her, I am just not one that can do that. The writing is good, the book does have some good fight moments in it, and the characters are brought to life on the pages. However, there was too much of dealing with Alice's feelings toward her boyfriend and having to read all the moments of her thinking about her dreamy bad boy. This will be a lot of fun for girls, who I would probably recommend it being girls 17 or older because of the sexual innuendo and moments, though they are handle quite nicely and though they are sexy they are not dirty to the point of being adult only, but they are more for girls who like boys or whoever else might like boys.

Lee Roberts
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