Time Again: The Stories Are True

The Stories Are True

(Time Again)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, April 25, 2006

In the era of whiney crying emo crap that is label “punk”, I had all but given up on ever finding another band that I liked. Lucky for me Time Again came along and gave me faith in music again. They are the type of punk music I love and have nothing pop about them. You can tell that they are heavily influenced by Rancid as the first track blares through your stereo. Some may think that it is a rip-off; but I can hear that they have their own sound throw in there too.

The instruments are fast, the vocals are raspy/slurring, and there is an energetic angry vibe the whole way through. The songs aren’t quite as polished as some of the older punk bands out there have gotten so it also has a great raw garage quality about it. The tracks are short and simple but they certainly pack a punch and feel longer than 2 minutes. And as a bonus Tim Armstrong makes an appearance on track 4 (and while I enjoyed that even if he wasn’t on this album I would still be raving about it). If you know and love real punk music and have found nothing but annoyance with what is being released now “The Stories Are True” is the c.d. for you. It’s going in my collection and helped remind me why I do this job.

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