Tracy Morgan: Bona Fide

Tracy Morgan: Bona Fide

Running Time: 
1 Hour

Humor is subjective. That's a universal truth. I mean, there are a lot of people out there who find Tracy Morgan to be funny, but I am not one of them. In his new special Bona Fide that drops tomorrow on DVD, Tracy is back to stand up.

The closest I have ever come to enjoying Morgan's energy is when he was opposite Bruce Willis in Kevin Smith's Cop Out, which much of the rest of the world seems to hate. Meanwhile, Tracy was often lauded for his performance on 30 Rock, but he is the reason I stopped watching.

So, I tried my best to go into his Bona Fide with an open mind, though you can never really being totally unbiased, and while Tracy managed to occasionally surprise me with a good laugh, the majority of this hour long special just reminded me how much I don't find him funny. He stalks around the stage yelling jokes in his trademark manner, which is a key element to why I don't like him, and covering subjects like back when he was a crack dealer, his cripple older brother and the stigma of being beat up by him, and lots of time spent on going to Club Brown.

Despite my own personal predisposition, it seemed like maybe Tracy Morgan had spent enough time off the set of 30 Rock and really working his material. Perhaps if he's really going to be hitting the clubs more often or touring, he'll have time to put together a larger set of good material rather than most of the middling jokes here.

Review by Jason Pace
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