Tyler Porch Band: Only the Sky Knows

Only the Sky Knows

(Tyler Porch Band)
Release Date: 
Saturday, August 9, 2014

When I think about blues music, it's usually songs that are a bit on the sad side. Not that blues music is only that, that's just the impression I have of it, songs that are more about loss, missed love, something on the lines of not having the perfect world that you would like to have. There is that style out there for sure, but the new EP, “Only the Sky Knows” by the Tyler Porch Band certainly has a different impression of what blues music is. With their first EP, they have laid down six tracks that are a blues rock beat that gives blues some fun and a more upbeat and uptempo sound.
The Tyler Porch band is composed of three guys, Tyler Porch who is the lead vocals and lead of the band as well as guitarist. Backing him up is Joey Robertson playing the drums and Brad Kemp playing the bass. This trio takes what they have, a small assortment of instruments, and has created a full style set of songs on this EP. Tyler Porch has made this his band, not just in the name, but with the vocals and his guitar work. Like with the majority of bands, the vocals are usually getting the most attention paid to them and Tyler Porch has a decent voice for the blues. His songs are strong and he is sure of himself while singing, at least it sounds as if he is. These vocals are good, but the guitar is what I found the most appealing on these songs.
His talent to be able to give the variety of sounds played on the guitar is well done. Going from a quick tempo to one that is a low, subtle sound. As strong as his vocals are, Tyler Porch is just as smooth with his guitar work and it shines with the last track, “Leftovers From Woodstock”. Not to be forgotten though are the bass and the drums. Both give great support to the songs and though they are not standing out in the forefront like the guitar is, they also can't be missed. Both of these instruments are being played with a talented groove that allows you to focus on them for a moment then to go back to listening to the song as a whole. This was a well played EP, one with talented musicians and one that has a variety of sounds being put into the songs so that the EP never has a the same sound on it.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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