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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Five men wake up in a secured building with no memory. There are more than a few oddities surrounding their situation and it becomes clear early on that they are not all on the same side.  I love a classic whodunit story that leaves you guessing until the very end. Unknown pulls off the suspense aspect with respectable flare but ultimately suffers from numerous twists in the final 10 minutes. The dual story lines of hostages/kidnappers and the police efforts to locate them don’t play out equally. I just didn’t care about the police side of things and I almost immediately lost interest every time the focus switched away from the main characters.

From a technical standpoint the film is handled with a fair amount of skill. The acting is on the high end of average, with a few noteworthy moments but no outstanding performances. The structure is ultimately viable but as the credits roll you can’t help but consider what other - and possibly better – directions the film could have taken. As for special features there really isn’t much to say. You get a whopping 9 deleted/extended scenes. Yippy.

I’d call this a rental. It’s worth checking out but there just aren’t any lasting qualities that would make this a keeper.

Review by Baron Aloha