Vespers Nine: True Story

True Story

(Vespers Nine)
Release Date: 
Wednesday, August 27, 2014
I spent my first two rounds with Vespers Nine and their new album, True Story, out jogging. The music is a blend of hard rock and melodic rock that will remind some listeners of the 80’s. Lyrically the band is mature, there are some instances of formulaic pop rock qualities in there, but for the most part the messages come off as adult perspectives instead of the usual pop rock stuff that caters to the teen crowd. 
While out running I found the music to be paced just right. It’s rock, but you’re not going to find the band exploding into any type of metal sound, but the music isn’t contemporary which allows you the option to get into the music or simply allow it to act as background music. Fortunately the album drew me in and helped fuel my workout. 
The bands technique is pretty good. Vocals are solid. Both John Simon and his sister Gricel Dosal offer up great solo performances and harmonize well with one another. The male/female dynamic works well here. Drums are good, there were maybe one or two instances where a beat or two sounded off, possibly Jazz inspirations falling into the mix or something else. Guitars stand out, though the first track is very vocal heavy which drowns out some pretty solid guitar work a bit. 
The only real quirk that I had, not with the album but within my research of the band, is that their website comes off a bit like a sales pitch. Band bio’s feel less personal and more like reading a content label. The only real bit I was able to glean from the information is that the lead vocalist and the bass player/lead vocalist are related. The way a band represents itself on paper truly does guide listeners opinions of a bands music. Just food for thought. 
AJ Garcia
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