Vietnam in HD (BLU-RAY)

We know the war, it was a rough war as wars go, young men were put in a jungle and told to kill. When coming back home they were treated poorly, their lives after the war was nothing like it was before going in it, and the country was changed because of it. Taking home videos, actual footage of the war, interviews, and some recreations the History Channel has put out this Blu Ray of Vietnam in HD.

This was very interesting and has a lot to tell about the Vietnam war from people who was in the war and from the war itself. I didn’t know much about the war past what I learned in high school and even that was very little. Over the years I’ve seen some of the footage that had been shot but most of the footage being shown here was all new to me. I was most impressed with the interviews that were given on here. This is where all the real information was coming from, though there is a lot to see off the footage being shown, but getting to hear what these guys had to say gave more to watching it. However, there are still a lot of aspects that I thought was missing, which is going to happen when the subject being covered is such a huge subject like the Vietnam War, that it will be impossible to cover it all in a 6 episode miniseries. One such thing is that most of the coverage being shown here seems to be centered around the ground fights, which was still very interesting but I would have liked more shown on the air assaults.

Also what I found surprising with this show was the talent being used on it. Yes talent and not just some voice actors or minor actors that no one knows but some famous celebrities. There’s James Marsden, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dean Cain, and Zachary Levi to name a few that are doing the voices of the 13 men that were in the war. The documentary is kind of graphic at times, not so much where it was making me sick or anything, but it’s footage of a real war during battles and it had me upset seeing such violence. This is the reaction I believe the show is going for as well as making the viewer feel a little sad while trying to have them feel some empathy for the men that are giving their experiences from that time.

Alright, this is the main thing about this miniseries that History Channel put out, the way it looked on Blu Ray. I’m giving two answers, good and bad. This miniseries has footage that was shot both during the war and then some footage that was shot now. While there are some Blu Rays that I have watched that feature old film looking good, taking footage that was shot with semi-ok equipment though doesn’t fall into the good category. I’m sure the way it looks now with all the digitizing and coloring has it looking much better than originally it still does not look as good as the new video that’s also shown on here along with it. That new video looks good, it has all the sharpness, clarity, and coloring that makes HD and Blu Ray so nice and popular. Though what I think is good about this Blu Ray was done unintentionally, which is giving a compare and contrast between the old footage and the new showing how big a difference it can look even when put on Blu Ray. And as like most Blu Rays, the audio was really good on here, even with the older footage, it was clearly heard and understood. There’s no special features but considering the topic I really didn’t expect any.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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