Winter in Eden: Court of Conscience

Court of Conscience

(Winter in Eden)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Metal that has the cutting edge, the energy, and a sound that makes it sound large is what is being played on the third album from Winter In Eden. "Court of Conscience" is an odd, well, not odd, different, and different in the good way, the very good way in fact, metal music. There's a good blend of styles and sounds being used by this band that make their music stand out and impresses almost instantly when heard. It's music that has very catchy beats to it where you will get drawn into where the song is going to go and then you get taken to a pumped up mood of high energy and loud volume levels.
First thing I took notice of was the lead vocals of this band. They are done by Vicky Johnson, who has a great voice where she gives the smooth sounds when she's singing at normal levels but has the stern strength when rocking out in her metal voice. If anyone says a woman can't sing in a metal band and not only sound good doing it but to have the intensity needed to make it metal hasn't heard the vocals of Vicky Johnson. Her ability to go from soft to intense without missing a beat nor sounding like she is struggling is impressive and well done. She is able to match the pacing of the instruments with high levels of energy and quick tempos.
Not only do these songs have good vocals, but they are also well written and played. The notes being played by the instruments are well thought out to give the songs the varying tempos being played. From one moment of being more intimate and slow to changing the tempo to quick and intense. I really enjoy the energy levels that these songs have. Along with the vocals and instruments there's also the lyrics that seem to take on a personal note. I'm not sure if they are moments in the band members lives or if they are just coming up with lyrics that are emotional and thoughtful. Either way, they are written well, they do the job that's needed to be done, that is getting the connection with the listener to make the songs more personal and to feel as if they are singing about or to me.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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