Yellowcard: Lift a Sail

Lift a Sail

Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rocking since the later 90's, Yellowcard has been through some good times and lately some bad times. Having a member leave the group to some personal health issues, the group has been going through a lot and what better way to battle out these issues than putting out a new album. Lift a Sail is the bands newest album that touches on life’s highs and lows where the songs can be sad while also having a little bit of hope put in them to keep you uplifted. From what I could find out about this band, this album is unlike any of their previous album releases where they go in a different direction with what they are playing. Not only are the themes of the songs supposed to be taking a different direction but the style of music they play is also different.
Now I don't know how different Yellowcard was in the past but going off all the information that I can find on this band, Lift a Sail is a lot different. Put down as the genre of music they play, it's hardcore punk, pop punk, and alternative rock. Ok, if that's the past albums then Lift a Sail is a whole new direction for style of playing for Yellowcard because I didn't hear anything close to being pop punk and there's absolutely no hardcore punk in this album. There's a few songs that I could actually classify as being alternative rock but for the majority of this album the songs are pop rock/pop alternative rock. Which it's a good thing that I looked them up after listening instead of before or during because I would have been disappointed when I would be expecting some intense hardcore punk songs and all I end up getting are pop rock songs.
Don't take it as a negative that the songs aren't close to being a hardcore punk song, even though that would have been more intense then what's on Lift a Sail. This album is not bad at all, it's played well, has good vocals, and the lyrics really do ring with emotions that make the songs heartfelt and passionate while also keeping a upbeat tempo. All I'm saying is that this album is not punk, don't expect it to be if you are a punk fan thinking that's what you're going to get cause you won't. What you get are songs that are joyful and sad at the same time while being played in a sing along manner. The melodies of the songs are decent, I could easily learn the lyrics to the songs, the vocals are clear and crisp and are sung where the emotions put into the vocals increased the impact from the lyrics. Would I have liked a more intense, high energy set of songs? Maybe, if that was what I was expecting before pressing play for the first time, but since I wasn't expecting that, having this album be what it is, it's decent and can be enjoyed.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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