Z Nation: Puppies and Kittens (PREVIEW)

Z Nation

Puppies and Kittens
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Fridays @ 10PM ET
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Friday, September 12, 2014

The world has been destroyed, the human race is on the brink of extinction, and a new breed of monster might become the dominant species on the planet. It's been three years since the start of the zombie apocalypse but humanity still fights on. Over the years there has not been anyone to survive being bit by a zombie, until now. With the use of an experimental drug on an unwilling subject that might become the only known cure for the zombie plague a military man is forced to traverse the zombie invested landscape.

There's a new zombie apocalypse show on the air called Z Nation. What's different about this show then some of the others? When it comes to the plot, nothing is new or different. One aspect about zombie based shows and movies is that they all have a plot where there is some virus outbreak that has turned people into zombies and now the world is overrun with them. There's also the mission that must be completed, a group that always has problems, and of course the all the zombies that are jumping out of nowhere to eat anyone that walks.

Maybe Z Nation is not one of the best zombie based shows out there but it has all the points that make for a entertaining zombie show, well for the most part. There are some corny phrases being used in this show and some over acting but it also has a lot of zombie fighting action. From the start of the episode there is non stop action with all the zombies attacking people and the people that are still human killing the zombies. Beyond that action there's really not much of a plot to the show, not that there needs to be more of a plot then what there is. For this episode, the only story plot is that there is a guy that might have the cure for the zombie plague so he has to be taken to California. Nothing else to it than that, well, that and the zombies.

There are a few actors in this show that should be instantly recognized, like Harold Perrineau playing Hammond, Tom Everett Scott playing Garnett, and DJ Qualls as Citizen Z. I found some of their acting a little over the top, Harold Perrineau tried too hard to make his character Hammond into this unyielding military man while DJ Qualls starts off with a decent character as the military radio man who is keeping Hammond straight on where to go but then he ends the episode as this corny character that would fit more in a college humor movie rather than a end of the world show about zombies. Special effects was decent on the show but with this show being a Syfy original I have come to expect some better effects being used on low budget television shows like this. At times the effects are clearly seen to be pretty fake but for the majority of the scenes that require effects they have a decent realism to them. Overall, Z Nation is not the best of the zombie shows that I've seen but it is good enough to rank higher than most with it's zombie bashing action. There's also the unknown of what will happen to this group with the so called cure and what kind of secrets does this group have that might kill them? That's what this show will turn into I believe, a drama based around the characters fighting amongst themselves as they transport the cure through zombies.

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