Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - Complete Series (Limited Edition)

I’d been following the announcements from Funimation about the release of Panty & Stockings with Garterbelt for sometime now and I was really excited when I found that the Limited Edition Boxset had fallen into my work pile.... Read more

The Sacred Blacksmith: The Complete Series

If you missed the first release from Funimation for The Sacred Blacksmith your in luck because it’s being re-released on DVD. Well, the standard version is anyway. If you want to get yourself a copy of the Limited Edition version you’ll have to hit up Amazon and shop the third party sellers.... Read more

Hetalia: World Series 2 Season Four - Limited Edition

Hetalia. I’ve always considered it to be a show mainly created as fan service for the rabid anime fans who have fallen in love with the voice talent of the Funimation crew, the appeal of pretty boy anime, and all things cute.... Read more

One Piece: Collection Six

The truth is I always have a lot of fun watching One Piece. Sure, at times Luffy’s voice can reach a crescendo of irritating repetitiveness when he’s angry and fighting a villain, but it’s all worth it in the end.... Read more