Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Season: 3
On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

As I sat watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Season Three I found myself annoyed by all of the mistakes the show made in Season One. For example, the town and its inhabitants. How could anyone feel welcomed there? I can see them sitting around having one of those laugh about it later conversations. Oh, remember the time that those Jews came to town and we toppled their wagon and crushed one of them. Thank Goodness we said we were sorry and let them move into town. How about that time Dr. Quinn opened a library and gave us her Father’s books which we turned on when we found out some of them were immoral and lit them on fire. Good thing we apologized and let her have her library anyway. Oh, wait, how about that time that burn victim came to town and we all went after him with pitch forks and torches. Well, we figured we were wrong and he came back in the season finale. The towns constant memory reset button is an annoying feature I hate about this show. The writing for the show co