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Love Hurts

Richard E. Grant is generally a joy on screen.  There is just something wonderfully manic and bizarre about the guy, almost as if he was the UK’s answer to Christopher Walken or Steve Buscemi.... Read more

Beautiful Kate

I think it was "Australia week" for me as I had the privilege of reviewing "Beautiful Kate." Here is another Australian movie directed by another wonderful Australian director, Rachel Ward.... Read more

The Year of Getting to Know Us

Not everyone in the world is supposed to have a happy life no matter what they do to make it one. Christopher Rocket (played by Jimmy Fallon) is one of these people that just can’t seem to be happy or have a happy life.... Read more

Three and Out

Three and Out revolves around the unspoken rule at London Underground that if a train conductor has three people die on the tracks in one month, then they are retired and given a 10 year salary lump sum. ... Read more

Arn: The Knight Templar

A love story set to the backdrop of the crusades - whod’da thunk? ... Read more