Evil Dead

Lily Collins Drops Out of 'Evil Dead,' Javier Bardem Says Adios to 'Despicable Me 2'

A quick update on a few castings we have previously reported.... Read more

Sony Picks Up Evil Dead Remake

Starting with a gnarly, no-budget cabin-in-the-woods shocker, and ending with a medieval Harryhausen battle epic, the original Evil Dead trilogy was about nothing if not escalation.... Read more

Evil Dead Remake In The Works

When Empire sat down to talk Drag Me To Hell with Sam Raimi a few years back he professed to have the opening pages of a new Evil Dead film parked at his Detroit house. Exciting news, we thought.... Read more

Bruce Campbell confirms Evil Dead remake, no sequel

In an interview yesterday with Shakefire.com, Bruce Campbell, former Evil Dead star and current star of USA's Burn Notice, confirmed the news fans have been waiting for regarding the rumors of an Evil Dead sequel.  Unfortunately, it's not the exact news they were looking for, but it is news nonet... Read more