Auburn: Indian Summer

What can I say about Auburn? I tried to like the album. It has a very good R&B/Jazz sentimentality going for it and at times Liz Lenten comes into her own with her vocal delivery, but for a majority of the album I cringed.... Read more

Haley Reinhart: Listen Up!

Even though I’ve probably watched, over the course of it’s history, possibly one or two episodes of American Idol I have heard music from at least one contestant from every season. Kelly Clarkson has a phenomenal voice but her lyrics are too repetitive for me.... Read more

San Francisco Music Club: Love and Freedom

My first go round with San Francisco Music Club was a bit odd. Unless you know what to expect chances are you’ll find yourself in my shoes wondering if the album is a various artists outing or something else.... Read more

Dave Painchaud: Tales Told And Journeys Imagined

Dave Painchaud’s Tales Told And Journeys Imagined begins a bit soft for me as it opens on a Funk Jazz implosion titled Making An Entrance. It’s fantastic on its own merits mind you, but nothing I haven’t heard from this genre before.... Read more

Okee Dokee Brothers: Can You Canoe?

So I open up my review package and find a copy of the Okee Dokee Brothers latest release, Can You Canoe? The first thing I think is that this is probably a kids album. Open it up, pop out the CD, throw it into my computer and throw my headphones on. My first impressions, I love it.... Read more