Rocknoceros: Colonel Purple Turtle

I’ve never given much thought to kids music. While my three girls were growing up I was tormented by Salty The Singing Song Book, Barney, and Banana’s In Pajamas. There wasn’t a whole lot to be said about kids music back then.... Read more

Tin Scribble: Unlive from a Dead City

From the cover of the album and the bands name alone it was hard to make out just who or what Tin Scribble was. With a lack of time to do any real research before I started listening to their newest release, Unlive From A Dead City, I assumed Tin Scribble would be a hip hop group or at most a G.... Read more

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band: Sock-A-Delic

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band’s album Sock-A-Delic is another great addition to kids music. It has some lessons within its sixteen track collection but it’s mostly a lot of fun and the band really cranks out the jams.... Read more

Turner Cody: Gangbusters!

In my research for Turner Cody I uncovered plenty of new words like Hipster and Anti-folk but nothing that could quite define what it is that Cody does on his newest album Gangbusters!.... Read more

The Best of Willy DeVille: Come a Little Bit Closer

Before anyone says they’ve never heard Willy DeVille’s music before let’s start off with this little bit of trivia. Storybook love, from his album Miracle, is the theme song for Rob Reiner’s cult classic love story Princess Bride. If you say you’ve never seen that film then your probably lying.... Read more