Kids Music

Melissa Green: Sing Loud - Music For Families

Here’s a funny story. I listened to Melissa Green’s latest CD, Sing Loud! Music For Families, and didn’t even notice that it was in fact music for families aka actually pretty tame.... Read more

Someone Else's Shoes - The Best Foot Forward Children's Music Series from Recess Music

My first go round with The Best Foot Forward Series latest installment, Someone Else’s Shoes, really blew my mind.... Read more

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo: Make Believers

I didn’t know what to expect when I threw on Secret Agent 23 Skidoo but I did know that it was a kids album. I’ve been having a pretty good streak with kids music.... Read more

Sing with Señor: Uno Dos (Songs for Learning Spanish)

Sing with Señor is an idea that came to middle school teacher Felipe Canete one day when he decided to bring his guitar to class and sing a simple song in Spanish that the students could sing along with. The kids loved it and asked him to write more.... Read more

La Bella Stella: Celebrate Earth Music Series

La Bella Stella is a compilation release that celebrates Earth by offering up various artists whose songs consist of everything from nocturnal animals to the sad ballad of Pluto, the planet that was. Really that has to be one of my favorites on the album.... Read more